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Alison's Story

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1st Move


I get married in to my first love in Zimbabwe, my country of birth. We have two amazing babies - my son (now aged 13) and my daughter (now aged 11).
Move up from 16 to 47

2nd Move

You throw a 2 then a six go to 55

3rd Move


After years of abuse, I start divorce proceedings, but don't get an end result as he refuses to sign any papers.
(Move down from 55 to 10)

4th Move


I move to the UK with my children and with the support of my parents. I suddenly feel free and can finally be me again.
(Move up from 11 to 27)

5th Move

You throw a 3, move to 30

6th Move


At my gramp's funeral, the rest of my family are awful to me, acting like I didn't exist. My dad is never mentioned, so it seems like my aunt is an only child.
(Move down from 30 to 18)

7th Move

You throw a 3, move to 21

8th Move

I move into my own flat. with lots of help from mum's side of the family.
(Move up from 21 to 36)

9th Move

I can eventually afford to go home for Christmas to see my mum and dad, and my brother and his lovely family.
(Move up from 37 to 44)

10th Move

I buy a franchise art class and have some amazing students who have now become lovely friends. (Move up from 45 to 52)

11th Move

You throw a 2, move to 54

12th Move


I have a mental breakdown over lack of money. I feel alone after mum and dad's visit at the beginning of the year, and feel burnt out and tired all the time.
(Move down from 54 to 38)

13th Move

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