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Over the last ten years, we have seen an ever-increasing number of people turning to us for help because they cannot afford life’s essentials. The cost-of-living crisis means that it’s more important than ever that we commit to creating a poverty-free future.

We are calling on local residents, service providers, and businesses to sign up to an End Poverty Pledge. The aim is to build a movement of people and organisations committed to doing what we can locally to reduce poverty and improve the lives of those who are experiencing financial hardship.

Our campaign covers the following areas

Epsom & Ewell, Leatherhead, Tadworth and Banstead.



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Do you want to find ways to make a positive impact on your local community? Then taking our pledge is a great way to get started.

Agency or Charity

Local agencies, we need your help! Get involved in our End Poverty Pledge so we can make as much of a difference as possible.


If you are a business based in our area and are interested in getting involved and taking the pledge we would love to hear from you

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