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Remaining united and making a change

It all started around this time last year when my Foodbank key worker Heidi asked if I would be interested in attending a forum at Leatherhead Community Hub. This was where I met a wonderful bunch of individuals; one being Sarah who was looking for people to join the Poverty Truth Commission (PTC). I accepted the offer immediately as it seemed and still is an exceptional concept.

It quickly became apparent in the first initial meetings that I was surrounded by like-minded people that were experiencing the same hardship with different paths but the same outcome; POVERTY.

I had become so immersed in my own problems that I had forgotten my empathy towards others due to Domestic Abuse. After finishing a very emotional video filming session for the PTC Launch in November a real bond was created between all my fellow Community Commissioners.

I have learnt that I am not alone. I now have a better understanding of other people’s journeys, and the openness of the PTC Civic Commissioners is amazing.

No matter how hard our journeys have been we are all survivors in one way or another.

I had to take some time out at the beginning of the year, but when I returned the love and acceptance made my heart melt. We have one goal; remain united and make a change. We are in the stages now where changes are beginning to show.

I thank you PTC for allowing me the opportunity to flourish, come out of my shell of low self- esteem and be the new me.

This blog was written by Community Commissioner Farah (photo above on the far right)

Farah also wrote a poem, which she shared at the launch of the Poverty Truth Commission:

Where do I start – how it makes me feel.

My poverty group makes me feel real.

Everyone has their stories to tell.

Accepting other views and you’ve given us a bell.

A bell to say hello, it’s me.

We are individuals and we can be free.

This group is important to me.

Thank you for letting our voices be heard.

Thank you for us having a word.


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